Life goals? No. More important than that!
There is really only one true goal of this game, and it is to be the ONE that receives the God-like status of the owner of THE MINT OF DESTINY!
Other goals of the game could be to win some free NFTs, level up your Hero (you) to be the top of our leaderboard, be the first to score a Kill Screen, earn respect from your peers, or just to be part of history in the worlds first Discord NFT game that's free to play!

Game Path

Participate in Discord to Earn Rupeez > Fight Villains to Win NFTs > Attempt the Mint of Destiny > Open the Vault

Participate to Earn Rupeez

The foundation of the game is to genuinely participate in the NFTArcade Discord and enjoy the camaraderie of those that are also playing the game. As you interact with other players, explore the Etherverse, and other game mechanics, you will Earn Rupeez and be able buy Hero Skins

Fight Villains to Win NFTs

You can wager your Rupeez to fight various Villains that will win you NFTs that grant you roles within the Discord and stack to gain the chance to with the Mint of Destiny!

Attempt to Win a Kill Screen

Once you have acquired the n00b Hero Token, Hardcore Hero Token, and the Legendary Hero Token, you can attempt to win a 1-of-20 Kill Screen. Whoever wins Kill Screen #20 will be minted the 1-of-1-of-1 Mint of Destiny!

Win the Mint of Destiny and Open the Vault

The ONE that owns the Mint of Destiny can push the Big Green Button and claim all the prizes contained in The Vault.