Pit your Villains up against others for Rupeez and XP!
Looking to show off all the Villains you have conquered and own the NFTs for? Volunteer your Minions, Mini-Bosses, and Bosses up against others in the game in this PvP battle!
The winner of duel will be awarded 25 Rupeez and 50XP!
The loser will forfeit 15 Rupeez and gain 50XP!
Underdog Bonus! If a lower level Villain defeats a higher level Villain, they will win an extra 10 XP!
If you are the winner, you can continue to duel others immediately, but if you lose, there is a 30 minute cool down window

How to Duel

All duels take place within Discord. You will need to issue the following command:
If nobody is waiting for a duel, then you will be set as the next player in line to duel and will automatically battle the next user who uses the /duel command.
If you run the /duel command and another player is waiting in the queue, you will automatically duel them.
One of your villains is picked at random to fight the opponents randomly selected villain.
The formula for calculating the odds of you winning the duel is Your villain lvl / (Your villain lvl + opponents villain lvl)
ex. a level 3 villain has a 3/10 chance of beating a level 7 villain (3 / 3 + 7).

Duel History

The complete history of Duels will be available on the website shortly!