Minting Godz

a.k.a. The Developers / Devs
The Mint of Destiny is the brain child of 2 guys with God Mode powers in Blockchain game development. They have developed many NFT-based games before this one and have worked with some large blockchain game developers. Most notably, they have created side-games for Wizards and Dragons and Space NFT Game.


Having worked over 20 years in IT security working for some of the largest financial institutions in the world, federal agencies, and private corporations, he has built out enterprise-level architectures and deployments that are heavily relied upon. He has been working in crypto for the past 4 years, and been actively developing Solidity smart contracts, web3 front end integrations, and coming up with groundbreaking NFT utility for his clients and NFTArcade.
adoom is part of the Krypto Sucks! team that has his face out there for the world to see via their podcasts, he doesn't cower behind the anona-dev personas that the sketch NFT world lives in.


Arguably one of the best developers in the Etherverse, wilb has been working in enterprise development projects for most of the past decade. Well-versed in every major language out there, wilb take the title of "The Smart One" in the group. Having run massive mining operations, and edge-pushing AI for crypto bot-trading software, wilb has a hardline to the blockchain.
wilb is the other half of the Krypto Sucks! team with his face out for everyone to envy his majestic beard with as well. No anona-devs here!