๐Ÿค‘Hero Skins


We understand that you may think the Mint of Destiny default Hero avatar may not fit your personality as much as you want it to, so we have come up with some bad ass custom skins that you can use as your profile pic and Discord avatar throughout the game!

Each of these Hero Skins are released at an extremely low quantity, and can be minted directly form the game website.

You must have the Default Hero Role of the Hero Skin Role you are trying to mint!

To keep scalpers and non-playing lurkers from minting these ultra-exclusive NFTs, we are only allowing those that are playing the game to be able to mint them! So if you want to mint the Mars Man Legendary NFT, you must already have the Legendary Hero and role in Discord! No exceptions. Zero. Zilch. Nada. You gotta play to get access to the cool stuff!

We are offering these Hero Skins that are so Punch-Yo-Mama-In-Da-Face awesome, to be minted using either MATIC, WETH, or GBAR (Gold Bars). Yep! If you have won a bunch of GBAR from our other games in the NFTArca.de, you can cash them in here for the skins!

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