While enjoying some relaxing time in the Etherverse with your fellow Destonians, you may choose to explore the Etherverse for some bonus Rupeez!

How to Explore

In the Discord, just enter the following command. Just remember that you can only Explore once every hour.


What Can Be Found?

Here is a list of everything that can be found while exploring:

  1. NOTHING! - 10% chance

  2. Bonus Rupeez - 40% chance (Win 1-15 Rupeez)

  3. Villains - 10% chance

  4. Trap - 40% chance (Loose 1-15 Rupeez)

For all battles with Villains encountered by exploring, you can only win Rupeez. An official Fight must be entered while the combat arena is open to be awarded the NFT set.

Example Explore Win:

Example Explore Loss

Example Explore with no Reward

Example Explore Fight

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