๐Ÿ”ฅBurn a Token

IMPORTANT: You cannot undo a burning of a token. Once it is burned, it is forever gone and the total amount of tokens with that role has then been decreased by 1. This is a deflationary mechanic in the game that must be done wisely.

You have the ability to burn a Hero token to gain massive quantities of Rupeez if you're going for a speed run, or having to recoup to make another attempt for the higher tokens. Depending on which token you burn, you will get a varying amount Rupeez.

Hero Token BurnedRupeez Earned



Hero Skins can not be burned by the game. Only Hero n00b and Hardcore tokens.


When you enter the burn command, you will first be presented with a confirmation prompt to make sure that you want to do this, as you can never get it back.

During the burning process, you will see this message:

Once it has been burned, you'll be notified with the amount of Rupeez and XP you have gained:

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