They're the bad guys you will encounter in the Etherverse keeping you from the Mint of Destiny

What Are Villains?

Villains are the keepers of the Mint of Destiny. They have been scattered around the Etherverse to try any keep the Heroes away from reaching the Mint of Destiny. You can encounter them from Exploring, and if you feel you are ready to take them on directly, you can Fight them in a duel!
IMPORTANT: You can only earn 1 Villain NFT per wallet / discord name from fighting. Once you fight a Minion and win a n00b NFT, you can no longer win additional n00b or Minion NFTs. So if you sell it, the only want to get it back is to buy it back on a secondary market.
There are three types of Villains within The Mint of Destiny Etherverse:
  • Minions - More annoying than scary
  • Mini-Bosses - Challenging but drunk most of the time
  • Bosses - They take their job seriously, and get joy from slaying Heroes
For each type of Villain, there are only a limited amount of NFTs that can be minted of each. Once they have all been won by Heroes, they can still be encountered while Exploring for additional Rupeez, and the owners of the Villains will win a portion of the Rupeez when their Villain defeats a challenging Hero. These Rupeez are referred to as Ownership Rupeez.
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