๐Ÿง Getting Started - 101

aka: How do I play?

Have a Wallet

You will need to have an Ethereum wallet setup to be able to play. There is no cost to join the game and play (not even gas!) but we do this to prevent spammers from clogging up the game and stealing all the NFTs =)

If you don't have MetaMask or not sure how to set it up, we have a guide on how to do all this.

Join Our Discord

You can access discord via their website (https://Discord.com), or from a client on your computer, or even from their mobile app. Create an account with them, verify your email and phone number (don't worry, that stays with Discord), and then head over to our Discord channel and say hi!

Discord Link to Play: https://discord.gg/vPAgf7Q772

Now that you're in the NFTArcade Discord, you can join the game super easy. First you want to make sure you're in the #general-play-here channel and then type the /join command followed by your wallet address you want to associate with your Player account:


/join 0x327c2972d42eE0347A8338061b1FcF889431aFDc

IMPORTANT! You can NOT change your wallet address once you join, so make sure it's 100% correct!

Earn Rupeez, Fight Villains, Gain Status!

From here you play the game as outlined in this whitepaper. You should skip to Earning Rupeez to see how you can earn enough Rupeez so that you can Fight your first Minion to attempt to win the n00b role NFT and Minion NFT!

At any point in the game, you can issue the /help command to list all the commands, or type in "!help" for the quick start guide, which will show this:

Mint of Destiny Quick Help Guide

Game Goal: Earn Rupeez to be able to Fight Villains to win NFTs!

Step 1: Type "/join"

Then you can start earning Rupeez and fighting Villains to win NFTs!

Step 2: Earn Rupeez

  • Explore the Etherverse (type "/explore")

  • Fight Villains without enough Rupeez to level up (type "/fight")

  • Tweet about Mint Of Destiny (type "/tweet")

Step 3: Win NFTs in Fights

  • Fight Villains with enough Rupeez to level up (type "/fight")

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