Mystical beings that move between dimensions in the Etherverse

Warlocks are interdimensional beings that roam the Etherverse. They were given special powers by the Minting Godz that only Witches possesses, the ability to summon other beings and to create portals between worlds. Warlocks are ranked from Level 9 to Level 11. Due to their overwhelmingly strong nature, our Heroes will need to attack them using multiple captured Villains that have been trained to hunt down Warlocks.

How to Defeat a Warlock

Once your hero has captured enough Villains to gain Legendary status, you can send your Villains out to Hunt! Should one of your Villains discover a Warlock, you can choose to Fight it or Run away.


Warlock Levels


Villain Needed to Fight


Role Acquired When You Win


Token Minting Cap


Rupeez Needed to Fight


Rupeez Deducted if You Lose


Rupeez Deducted if You Run


Warlock Powers

Warlocks have the ability to open mystical artifacts that have been locked with dark magic.

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