The Gatekeepers of Legendary Status
Boss #326
Bosses are the eternal Gatekeepers of the Etherverse. Their sole purpose of existence is to smite down all those that challenge them. Bosses are ranked from Level 7 to Level 8. This means you have a 70% - 80% chance of losing when fighting a Boss.

How to Defeat a Boss

First, you must have already defeated a Mini-Boss and achieved the role of Hardcore. Just because you talk a lot doesn't mean you have proven yourself to be able to challenge a boss. Then, and only then, once you have earned enough Rupeez, you can attempt to fight a Boss. If you are successful in defeating the Boss, you will be granted the Legendary role, a Legendary Hero NFT, and the NFT of the Boss that you have defeated. There are only 1,000 Bosses that can be minted.
To fight a Boss, issue the following command in discord once you have at least 1,500 Rupeez and do not have the Legendary role:
Boss Levels
Role Needed to Fight
Role Acquired When You Win
Token Minting Cap
Rupeez Needed to Fight
Rupeez Deducted if You Lose
Rupeez Deducted if You Run
Ownership Rupeez When Fought