Ancient Scrolls

Ancient Scrolls can be found while running /explore

What are Ancient Scrolls?

Throughout the Etherverse, there are scrolls containing Dark Magic that can be used to cast the alchemy spell and create Gold Bars (GBAR). You can find these scrolls while Exploring, and will have to pay Rupeez in order to obtain them. The Ancient Scrolls will give you the ability to run /cast alchemy which will create GBAR and send it directly to your wallet. Any user with an Ancient Scroll can cast the alchemy spell and, you do NOT need a witch or a warlock in order to cast the spell. There are 12 levels of Ancient Scrolls and each one that you find will increase your chance of successfully casting the alchemy spell.
IMPORTANT: Ancient Scrolls are NOT an NFT and will not show up in your ETH wallet. They are an off chain item that will be tied directly to your discord/user account