Now we're talking! Those that appreciate the grind!

The Hardcore role is the second role that a Hero can earn in the game. This role is granted to those that have shown extreme skill in the game and are truly on the quest of greatness to attain the Mint of Destiny!

How To Earn Hardcore

Just as there are no shortcuts in life, there are no shortcuts to reach the Mint of Destiny. You must have already defeated a Minion and acquired the n00b role to be able to attempt to win the Hardcore role. Once you have earned enough Rupeez, you can attempt to /fight a Mini-Boss. If you are successful in defeating the Mini-Boss, you will be granted the Hardcore role, a Hardcore Hero NFT, and the NFT of the Mini-Boss that you have defeated. There are only 2,500 Hardcore roles that can be minted. Here is where we begin to separate the Heroes from the zeros!

Hardcore Discord Role

If you have made it to Hardcore, you are a true warrior, and the Minting Godz have started paying attention to you! You will now have access to Discord channels that only those with the Hardcore role can view. You will receive private alpha to this game and others ahead of the n00bs and Lurkers!


Hero Level


Villain to Defeat

Token Minting Cap


Minting Cost


Can Be Burned for Rupeez

Yes (+500 Rupeez)

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