We encourage violence... against Villains. Because they're bad.
The only way to level up your Hero in the game is to Challenge the Villains to a fight! There are three types of Villains that all have various difficulty levels assigned to them. Each Villain is uniquely generated and has varying degrees of uniqueness based on the traits associate with it. You will need the minimum necessary Rupeez and roles to be able to fight the Villain.

Rupeez Needed To Fight a Villain

Villain Type
Rupeez Needed
Mini Boss

How to fight

All fights take place within Discord. You will need to issue the following command:
When you submit this command, you will have challenged the rank of Villain. If you have the proper requirements (see individual Villain Token details for these), the Discord Bot will return the details of the Villain you have chosen to do battle with. At this time you can see the Villain Type, their Level (chance of winning), a thumbnail of the NFT that will be won, and two options to choose from to continue:
  1. 1.
    Fight - This will enter your Hero into battle with the Villain. Should you win, you will receive the NFT of the Villain you just defeated, and the Hero NFT of the new role you just acquired.
  2. 2.
    Run - Change your mind and don't want to fight? You can run away and only loose half the Rupeez of a loss.
The Discord Bot will always challenge you with a Villain of the lowest type that you do not own. So if you have a Hardcore Role, but not the n00b role, you will be challenged with a Minion to fight. So make sure to keep at least 1 of each role in your wallet!
Sometimes, the Villains can be a bit crafty and run away should you challenge them to a fight! They get away with it by dropping a pouch of Rupeez on the ground to distract you. So not all is lost!

Villain Rank

The rank of a Villain is directly tied to the chance of winning the fight when you attempt it. The level is 1/10th the chance you have to lose. So if a Villain is a Level 4, you will have a 40% chance of losing the fight against them. There is nothing you can do to improve or worsen the odds. Everyone that fights that Villain will have the same 60% chance of winning.

Rank Categories

Villain Type
Chance of Winning
Hero NFT Awarded
1 - 3
90% - 70%
3 - 5
70% - 50%
5 - 7
50% - 30%

Victorious Battle

If you defeat a Villain from challenging them to a fight, you will be awarded the NFT of the Villain you defeated, the corresponding Hero NFT, and the Discord Role that is assigned from the Hero NFT.

Shameful Loss

Should you be defeated by the Villain that you challenged, Rupeez will be stripped from your Hero and you will be publicly called out for failing miserably in shame. The amount of Rupeez lost are determined by the Villain type that you are fighting.

Fight History

We have a full history of every battle that has ever taken place in the game on our website The site shows who attempted to battle which Villain, the round number, the outcome of that battle, and the date that it occurred.
Minion Challenge
Mini-Boss Challenge
Boss Challenge