Bot command in Discord to Join the Mint of Destiny game

Use this command to join the game from within the NFTArcade Discord. You need to do this first before you can do anything else in the game.

All commands must be issued in the #general-play-here channel

To get started, head over to #general-play-here and /join the game with your wallet address so we can air drop you your NFTs when you win!


/join 0x327c2972d34eE0347A8338061b1FcF889431aFDc

Once added, you'll see a message like this:

Now you'll want to /fight or /explore to start your quest for the Mint of Destiny!

You'll now see that your name is green and if you click on it to see your roles, you will now have the Verified role.

Once you have joined, you can run the /stats command to see your stats as a player. When you first start out, it'll look something like this:

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