You are the hero!

What Are Heroes?

First off, you are the Hero. The Hero tokens will be your avatar in the game to show your competion how fierce your are and scream "Be afraid of me!" Heroes are the NFTs that you can win from fighting Villains. These NFTs are what grant you your roles within Discord. Special channels have been made where only those with the role can access and gloat to each other how awesome they are. In addition, the developers will give special attention to various roles. This may include alpha on in-game releases, whitelists for future games, or free airdrops!

When you join the Discord, you will initially be given the role of Lurker. This is a non-tokenized role. It's granted to everyone that has joined our Discord, but is not playing the game. Once you fight your first Minion and win, you will then be awarded the entry-level role of n00b.

IMPORTANT: You can only earn 1 level of each Hero role per wallet / discord name from fighting. Once you fight a Minion and win a n00b NFT, you can no longer win additional n00b or Minion NFTs. So if you sell it, the only want to get it back is to buy it back on a secondary market.

There are four roles within The Mint of Destiny:

  • Lurker - A watcher on the sidelines. Non-token role of someone that just started.

  • n00b (Hero Role: not so scary)

  • Hardcore (Hero Role: pretty darn scary)

  • Legendary (Hero Role: do not make eye contact or you'll burst into flames, scary!)

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