These guys mean business

Mini-Bosses patrol the Etherverse keeping all of the Minions in check. They make sure that the they're not slacking off at the Drunken Wizard getting utterly obliterated. Mini-Bosses are ranked from Level 4 to Level 6. This means you have a 40% - 60% chance of losing when fighting a Mini-Boss.

How To Defeat a Mini-Boss

First, you must have already defeated a Minion in a fight and have the n00b role. If you have the n00b role and you have earned enough Rupeez, you can attempt to fight a Mini-Boss. If you are successful in defeating the Mini-Boss, you will be granted the Hardcore role, a Hardcore Hero NFT, and the NFT of the Mini-Boss that you have defeated. There are only 2,500 Mini-Bosses that can be minted.

To fight a Mini-Boss, issue the following command in discord once you have at least 500 Rupeez and do not have the Hardcore role:


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