The official documentation for MINT OF DESTINY (said in a booming voice with an echo)
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Welcome to The Mint of Destiny!

The Mint of Destiny is the world's first Discord NFT game developed for NFTArcade where you play entirely in Discord to win NFTs that determine your roles within the Discord Channel and it's all entirely free to play! Due to the necessity for a Hero to regain ownership of the Mint of Destiny, the Minting Godz are paying for all the gas! The game and the NFTs minted from it are all on Polygon. You will want to try and level up your Hero (you) quicker and higher than everyone around you by earning
Rupeez, fighting Villains, and be the one that achieves the Mint of Destiny!
Throughout the game, you will have to battle Minions, Mini-Bosses, and Bosses to level your Hero up. If your are successful in your challenges, you will win 1 NFT for your new role, and 1 NFT of the Villain that you have defeated.
If you are one of the lucky few to have defeated a Boss and retained all of your roles on the journey, you can attempt to Kill Screen the game. There are only 20 available and they increase in difficulty as they are won.
Whomever the final victor of Kill Screen #20 is, will be deemed THE ONE. They have proven themselves worth to the Minting Godz and be awarded THE MINT OF DESTINY! The owner of this 1-of-1-of-1 NFT can push the Big Green Button and be deemed worthy to unlock The Vault and receive all the treasures locked inside!
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